The coveted first page of Google is easier to rank for then you might think and the SEO experts out there are not happy about me blowing the whistle on their secrets.

It’s important to know about your affiliate product because how are you suppose to convince people to buy it, if you know nothing about it? It does not add up. When I promote one of my products I make sure I know at least 80% of the information about my product. Why? So when I write my article about it I’m able to ask a few basic questions about it, state the pros and cons about it and most importantly share how the product will benefit you.

This video I just described has been viewed by 1.3 million people on hampton bay fans. It has been translated into 7 different languages, and featured on 50,000 blogs. This demonstrates that people want this information, they want to be informed because information empowers us to make the right choice. You choose every day what you are going to put into your body. Make the best choice and put food in your body that is going to help you, not harm you.

This is a small investment and well worth it. What book do you buy? Search Amazon for books on presentation skills or public speaking. Look for quality endorsements and reader comments. In particular look for specific details about the book or results enjoyed by the readers.

As you post your helpful content on these authority sites (not spammy messages about your company’s compensation plan) you add a link to get more information at your Nerve Center. Make sure you use a specific post or page in your Nerve Center so that when someone reads your article 3 years from now, they will be able to find your information inside your site easily.

As a side note, there is no sense in spending time and effort creating something no one will see so be sure to do some keyword research before you start making millions of videos!! Knowing what your target audience wants to read before you start writing is gravely important!

I hope you enjoy this huge strategy giveaway! if you seriously take advantage of the things I have told you about you will be growing you brand like Kenny Isbell. With a little fine tuning I am certain that I will see your name all over the Internet.

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