Morning sickness…. It can be a vague feeling of nausea at the start of the pregnancy or being physically sick several times a day. It can disappear after the famous 12 weeks mark or it can go on for months afterwards, up to 20 weeks, sometimes for even longer.

As open as people are with their doctors, they are much more open with people in my profession. After all, a physician only knows the intimate details of your physical health…your energy healing in wandsworth is familiar with all aspects of your health, physical, emotional, and mental. So it is extremely important to really focus on building a rapport with patients.

Patient #2, is my dream patient. Yes, I know, very frustrating, but this is when I get a chance to really educate someone in the difference between natural herbal pain relief, true healing and what modern medicine considers an acceptable form of health care maintenance. But this is what I can never understand. This person has been in pain for let’s say, 2 years. They have been to “the best” doctors and have been on medication for years. They suffer side effects from the meds and without the meds their pain is unbearable. Why would they then expect 3 acupuncture treatments and some herb they bought in the health food store for $10 to take away all their problems? This is a complete lack of understanding of the healing process and the time needed to complete it.

I reached out to Fay to share her top 3 Stress Reduction tips for the Holidays. (These tips are good anytime, but particularly good for the holiday season).

Stress affects your entire body – not to mention your hair, skin and nails – and it’s the over- riding factor when it comes to how fast we age. Ever see someone after a span of time who has experienced a major stress event like a divorce or death and realize that they have physically changed? Yep, the bags under the eyes due to not sleeping, saggy cheeks and even changes in weight can occur.

Seeing a chiropractor can also help. Your problem with RLS might be directly related to a pelvic instability. He or she will provide you with some exercises that will be helpful to some degree. As it stands, there really is no medication or real cure available for restless leg syndrome. Living with it can be difficult and sometimes very trying. So, it’s always best to give every type of natural treatment a chance.

2) Her second tip is to “Be realistic with your time.” It’s true that there are only 24 hours in a day. Faye says that you can only go go go so much until you end up hitting a wall. And that this is the time of year that nature hibernates. You gonna MESS with mother nature? Maybe take a break from all the rush, or give yourself a little extra time to get to your destination to avoid traffic jams. It’ll all get done in time.

Fay is also available for acupuncture and stress strategy sessions in person for those in the LA area and also via Skype and phone for those who aren’t local.

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