As Chicago and the Midwest feel the effects of Winter Storm Saturn, those in Washington D.C. await the coming of the storm that’s been dubbed Snowquester by the Capital Weather Gang.

Remember to add your social media widgets to your blog. This includes anything from instagram dp, Facebook, Twitter, Blogloving and other social icons you wish to add. Stay organized and consistent about the way your blog looks to your readers.

A quick gesture upward from the bottom of the screen reveals the app switcher/home screen, which tiles the 8 most recently used applications. It’s like a hybrid of Android’s task switcher and the Live Tiles from Windows Phone. Some of these tiles also act similarly to Android’s widgets giving useful information (like Weather). This gesture can be activated from within any screen on the device, eliminating the need for a home button. In most apps going backwards is as simple as swiping to the left, also eliminating the need for back buttons. There is something beautiful about a phone that is basically all screen, with no buttons interrupting the aesthetics of the device.

At a school presentation, a representative from the local phone company introduced us to touch-tone phones and explained what the two new buttons at the bottom of the phone would some day be able to do. Back then, all phones had rotary dials. These days, if you don’t have a phone that can press the star and pound keys, good luck reaching a representative from the local phone company.

Cutting to the chase, you may be so engrossed with your typical apps right now; you may even find them something you can’t live without. Whether to help people carry out their day-to-day activities, to keep the boredom at bay, or to get the work done for you, it is proven and without a doubt that these apps installed on our smartphones and tablets have been useful to one and all by any means.

Android phones won five points, but the iPhone 4S took home seven — making this head to head appear to be a decisive victory for the iPhone 4S. But it really comes down to what you value most in a smartphone. If it’s ease of use and better apps you’re after-as well as smooth performance and a great camera-the iPhone 4S can’t be beat. Siri takes smartphones to the next level by serving your needs with real intelligence. As long as you can live with 3G speeds, you can’t go wrong with the iPhone 4S.

Suspicious scars on her wrist also have the people in her camp alarmed. When apart from her guy, Miley seems adrift and out of control. She has also been trying to re-invent herself since the days of her Disney Channel series “Hannah Montana”, which aired from 2006 to 2011. The stress over her career and the fact that she’s now 20 are also contributing factors to her reckless behavior.

Don’t be afraid to mess-up. Just because you try a recipe once and it didn’t turn out right, doesn’t mean that you don’t like that meal. Learn from your cooking experiences and see what you could change to make it even better next time. Don’t dismiss your favorite dishes because they don’t turn out right the first time.

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