Is it time to boogie now that the wedding service has been finalized with the exchange of the vows? Damned right it is. So what are we waiting for – Music Maestro Please?

Depending on one’s choice, the Bedeken can take place in front of all guests, or in a special room. As a result, the musical selections can vary. Some couples choose a particular song to be played, while others are content with the string quartet staying near the chuppah to entertain the guests. Logistically, this makes more sense, as it is hard for musicians to move in the short amount of time allotted.

Contemplate during your wedding service to have a choir sing hymns accompanied by the church organist this can add an essence of ease among the guests and for the bride and groom.

Good wedding music bands always give a reception that extra special touch, creating a buzz that cannot be equalled with recorded music. No party is complete without music, and live wedding music will enhance a reception like nothing else. However, it’s important to select a band that plays music you want to hear. You do not want a live wedding band to play inappropriate music on your special day. If your budget does not allow the hiring of one of the many popular live wedding bands, a professional DJ may be your next best choice. They may not be as exciting as a live wedding band, but they can still add lots of fun to the party.

If you choose to do without a professional photographer then set up friends or family members who are not directly involved in the wedding to become your photographers for the day. Choose more than one person from the bride and groom’s side so that you get various views of the wedding. Some of our favorite images of our wedding came from pictures friends or family took on their personal cameras.

A meal is often expected at a wedding reception. The fancier your dinner, the higher the price you will pay. One way to get around this is to arrange a potluck of sorts where close friends or family members bring dishes for you.

Mehdi Laga Ke Rakhna Doli Saja Ke Rakhna – from Dilwali Dulhniya Le Jayenge, this was sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Udit Narayan and is one of the all-time favorites.

It may take you more time in order to plan for a perfect beach wedding. As a result, you should plan ahead long before. If you can have enough time, it can be sure that the beach wedding will be a funny and at the same time a romantic one.