Today I would like to look at beauty from the perspective of what beauty sounds like. What do you know about a person from the timbre of his voice, the quality given to the sound of his speech by its overtones? Have you ever closed your eyes when listening to music, especially when listening to a particular singer? Have you imagined him whispering his words directly into your ear? Have you gotten chills?

Practically, though, the rhythm of our life is often very different from that of a person who is not a clergyperson or spouse or partner of clergy. Our life is not structured by the Monday through Friday business workweek. The concept of “the weekend” does not exist for clergy. Saturdays and Sundays are filled with weddings, funerals, multiple worship services, Sunday School, confirmation. Clergy families struggle to accommodate this reality. Our lives are always in tension with the structures, agendas and expectations of the secular world.

There are so many aspects of the life of a bishop’s family that are special. It is special in that wherever we go, we are received with expectation and joy. The people here are warm and hospitable and eager to share with us what they are doing as a congregation. We are often treated to wonderful meals, and displays of download mp3 and dance. The children are always excited to see and meet us.

If you are not set to invest large sums of money on Gold and Silver you may want to look into purchasing small quantity at a time, I contacted one of the well none online precious medal brokers and was told that it didn’t make since for them to turn my money into gold unless I had a minimum of 5000 dollars to invest. So if you have large sums of cash to invest you would probably do well to contact these large firms and get there investing guide and then decide if making those investments are right for your portfolio. I am personally not in a position to make those purchases however I still wanted to have some of those precious metals in my possession. My next step was to find a fisable way for me to buy gold and silver.

Giving your wife a Spa package would be nice, but if you cannot afford to send her for a day spa trip. Bring it on home. Find bath salts or bubbles you know she will love, and then pamper her by giving her a bath. When she is done, have a warm towel ready you can wrap her in. Then with soft and nice smelling lotion massage it into her body. Pampering her will make her melt and create a moment she will remember.

Yet, the benefits of the SkyPoints credit card come in with the rewards. You will earn one point per dollar spent. In addition, you earn double points at places that you already shop like supermarkets, the US InstaMp3, home improvement and hardware stores and even gas stations. You get double points on Delta and Sony purchases as well. You will be able to redeem your SkyPoints for up to 75% off the first $500 that you spend towards an eligible ticket. The points do expire in three years and there is a limit to how many points you can redeem at once and per year.

Communication and descriptive details about your product is a key in getting noticed. The description of your item and the pictures to display it will get the buyer’s attention. If a person is a serious seller, having an adequate digital camera is a must. Again, photos are extremely important.

And this story gets even better (i.e. weirder). Champion returned to the post office later in the day to request a refund of the $22 she had paid to ship the dog. She also wanted a small amount of money she had attached to the dog’s collar to be returned to her. Needless to say, the post office refused the refund and told her to take it up in court.