When the first bidet came out the only type that existed was the bidet that was separate from the toilet. Today in Europe you can still find these bidets in most hotel bathroom and private houses. Even though people still use the stand alone bidets the toilet attachment ones are better. In this article I am going to compare the 2 type of bidets.

If grout is stuck in your plumbing, getting rid of it is likely not going to be a do it yourself project. You can attempt to break up some of the grout which works to help the line go a bit smoother. This works best with plastic pipes as opposed to metal. However, this problem usually requires the help of a plumber.

You should make sure that the holes are not stopped up on the overflow. If your sink starts to overflow, the water will run into the overflow holes, this might not be a huge issue, unless they are clogged. When checking for potential problems and repairs, you should also remove obstructions from the overflow holes.

Don’t buy expensive cook books or DIY manuals – photocopy relevant pages from your library instead. And it’s not just books you can save on; borrow CD’s and DVD’s and read newspapers and magazines for free too.

Practice safe habits on any project you undertake. Turn off the gas when you work around fixtures that are attached to gas lines. Construction in the presence of gas can be extremely dangerous! You need to know how to shut it off. When your project is extensive enough to involve opening up walls, you should also know where your gas lines are placed and steer well clear of them.

If the toilet bowl clearly has more than a minor choke or there is significant debris inside the bowl, troubleshooting the problem will be more effective and avoid making an unpleasant mess.

If the procedures did not work, you might need to unplug your sink. Before unplugging, check first if water flows freely through the other drains in your house. If almost all drains in your house are not functioning well, there might be a bigger problem and you need to call for emergency plumbing services.

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