What’s So Special About Tax Returns?

There are hundreds of ways for a small business owner to minimize their tax bill. Although the first two tips below may seem obvious, most small business owners pay too much tax because they aren’t tracking those two items properly. As for the third tip, a small business owner rarely saves money by doing their own taxes. Read on to find out why.

TurboTax is available out of the box or as an online version. The online version is advantageous in that it eliminates the need to install software or store tax files on your computer. It’s all done on Intuit’s secure servers.

“Friend” people carefully. The biggest downfall I have found in these sites is that there are quite a few people on there who are there to just mess with other people and waste everyone’s time. Don’t fall into the trap of accepting friends with just anyone. What can happen is that these people that “attach” themselves to you could be “spammers” and they would use your connections to bother them as well. If you become a nuisance on these sites, your “friends” suddenly are not as fond of you and any headway you were making goes out the door.

Everyone with a shingle is not a professional. To choose a good tax professional you must first consider the needs of the business. Read on for more tips on how to choose a good Torrance CPA.

Pending receipt of a complete short sale package the first thing a lender will do is have the property appraised. They are looking for market value and you cannot expect them to settle for a fire sale price. This is where the listing agent can be a big help for the buyers as it will be their analysis as why the offer is fair in light of current market dynamics that goes to the lender.

Build your brand. Remember that you are self-employed and not an employee of the agency that holds your license. Make sure all correspondence includes your logo and your business name. This includes email, direct mail campaigns, advertising, thank-you cards, etc.

Summary: Short sales have arrived; they are more common today than at any time in the past. Banks are easier to work with on short sales than they were six months ago and sellers who truly have a financial hardship should consider a short sale as an option to avoiding foreclosure. Buyers should not avoid a short sale purchase but must understand it will take more time before they have confirmation the sale will happen. Now the mainstream media needs to share this information with the public.

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