Businesses are notorious for throwing its newly appointed managers to the wolves, many times failing to provide even the most basic management training. When this is the case, organizational productivity is certain to suffer.

17. As a part of any anti-bullying programs, make certain the students also know that there is a difference between tattling and responsible reporting. Tattling is when you purposely try to get another person in trouble for petty reasons or for the purposes of revenge. Responsible Reporting is when you reach out to an adult figure with a problem where your own safety or the safety of another is at risk. In that case, telling is not tattling. It is doing the right thing as opposed to the easy thing.

He asked what position in particular I was applying for, and I mentioned that “customer service”, “public affairs”, and “event planning” are of the most interest to me. He suggested that I go for the “Executive Training Group Program” as he felt it would be a perfect fit for me based upon my credentials. I asked him more about being a manager, and all he answered with was, “You would have 5 people under you that you would train, it’s a great opportunity, you have the potential of making a six figure income”.

R – Reflect back or ‘paraphrase’ their main ideas, content, key words and ideas. You need not use the exact same phrase or sentences; rather just serve back the message that you got their main points. The beauty of this is that it immediately gives an opportunity to clear up any miscommunication right at the beginning of the conversation, as opposed to getting halfway through only then to realize you weren’t following the whole picture, and you have to start again from the top.

I am a great multitasker: studies have shown that your brain drops an estimated 30% capacity during two brain intense procedures. That is more like mine during the course of a single activity…

Outward displays of severe anger or frustration are damaging to the children who are engaging in these acts and they can be quite disruptive to teams, coaches, parents, spectators and to sports in general. The media have reported some alarming examples of kids, parents and coaches losing their tempers.

Remember that we are in control of our time if we choose to be. It all depends on how effectively and wisely we spend the amount of time that we are given. Identifying and prioritizing our daily tasks can be – to some – a great way to get your projects done on time, and under budget – if applicable. Try it and see how it works for you. Let me know if concentrating on just one or two time management skills increases your productivity like it did mine.

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