So, you’re tired of the same old sayings, invitations and photos? You along with many other wedding couples want their wedding to stand apart from all others. They do not want to have the same old boring invitations, but rather something that signifies their personality. Many that have a love for motorcycles are turning to the motorcycle wedding invitations.

Remove the paper backing to expose the adhesive on a sheet of 8×10 magnet. Carefully lay the sheet of photos on top of the adhesive and smooth it out. Using scissors or an Exacto knife, trim around each photo. Now you have photo magnets of you and your fiance with Save the Date! and your wedding date in the photo.

Make a master wedding invitation list. Take the three lists and combine them to make a master wedding website list. You can have a “wish list” that will be a list of people you will invite as your guests start to refuse. Make sure all your guest names are spelled correctly as well as their titles. Also, double check you zip codes and addresses to make sure they are all updated. On you master list, include all friends and relatives even though you don’t think they will attend.

A lot of brides and grooms do not know how they can prepare the wording. In fact, you should ask the printer to help you. Choosing a vendor who can master the Chinese language is the key here. However, there are couples who hire printers that do not understand Chinese at all. The couples have to prepare the wording themselves. In this case, you will need to ask your family members who can read and write Chinese to help you. There are also a lot of samples you can find on the web.

Later, make yourself set aside some time, a pad and paper for recording the numbers and perhaps you might want to cut your printer on. Maybe you can print your favorites out. Look at your budget and go for it. Hopefully, when you are done, you will still have only five. Now look at your budget again.

Step 2 – Layout your cards. At this point, you should also pick out the design and theme you would like to have affixed to your invitations. You are able to pick any number of motifs ranging from seasonally themed styles to subject based styles. Should you be having a problem picking a topic, you ought to examine the themes that go with your favorite time of the year. You’ll be able to also review designs which relate to the season the wedding is going to be held in. Also, if you want to pick out a subject dependent theme, you’ll be able to review you and your loved one’s favorite hobbies and activities to get a great theme. After you do this, you are going to certainly realize which theme will be perfect for your wedding.

Decide how many guests you invite. You can split your wedding guest list into three different categories – bride’s parents list, groom’s parents list, and the bridal couple’s list. In the end the three lists should total up to the amount of guests that can be invited.

Save on paper, printing, and stamps by sending out electronic wedding invitations. While this is truly a budget idea, and some may even think of it as cheap, it will cost you nothing more than a little time! You can take the time to create a beautiful wedding web page and online invitation that invitees can print at their convenience. If you think about how many people misplace the invitations anyway, you will feel much better about taking this thrift route. They will never lose the email and web page link. You may still need to purchase a handful of invitations for the non-web savvy people on your list. Still, this will cut the number of invites you need by 75% or more.

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