If you need help finding the top holiday gifts that will be cherished by the man or men in your life, here are some suggestions on the top 10 best Christmas gifts for 2011 for the men on your Christmas list. These gift ideas are suitable for any budget.

If you’re looking to build mass and get bigger arms and shoulders, you will want to lift heavier weights with less reps. I would recommend 6-8 reps per set.

Get plenty of rest. This is where the body starts to repair itself and will become stronger. Without proper rest, the body will become extremely fatigued and is prone to tears, strains, and sprains. Hydrating your body with clean water will also help the recovery and repair process.

You will find this to be a fast-paced, high intensity workout. It is both aerobic and anaerobic. You may well burn more calories doing this sport than almost any other sport out there. During play, you will keep an elevated Best outdoor swimming pool for sale By Pulse UK throughout the entire game along with explosive movements of energy. The amount of calories you burn depends on weight and how hard you play, but it can vary between 450 to 1000 calories an hour. A cool website to check out is by Healthy Discovery. It has a calculator that tells you how many calories you burned in certain activities based on time performed and your weight.

Steady-state cardio refers to working at a pace which can be maintained for an extended period of time. It can be done in the gym on a treadmill, elliptical, bike, etc. or if weather permits, it can be done outside at a track or park. Whichever you choose, variation must be part of it. With steady-state cardio, your body adapts and becomes efficient at it quite quickly. Mix it up by making small changes in speed, conditions and equipment or adding incline and resistance, and give your body a reason to continue working hard. Walking up a 3% grade can feel quite different compared to walking the stairs at a football stadium. One is not necessarily better, just different.

If you take a fitness test prior to your weight loss/fitness plan being put into action, you stand a greater chance of hitting your target (i.e. – a certain weight, body fat %,etc..). Make sure when you decide to get back into shape that you visit an accredited sports medicine clinic or fitness center in order to get your fitness tests completed and your fitness profile established.

Racquetball is one of the easiest sports to learn. Though it is similar to its two cousins, tennis and squash, need for aiming is very limited to keep the ball in play. This is because there are no out-of-bounds in this game (except the floor). You can bounce it off the sidewalls, ceiling and back wall as many times as you’d like. As long as it hits the front wall before the ground, the ball is in play. Now once you get better at the sport, your aim will drastically improve and you will be able to perform multiple “kill shots” that will be impossible to return by your opponent.

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