Aside from taking the difficult PMP certification exam the preparation is the most difficult part. It takes time and effort to be ready to take the exam. Nevertheless, when someone is prepared it will help the exam to become less difficult. When the knowledge is there then taking the exam will almost feel easy. It could mean only having to take the exam once to earn the proper score for certification.

Their office is an hour drive from Ocala. My immediate impression of the actual office was, “dirty, dingy, creepy”. The office is a small warehouse looking building, with a disheveled lawn and litter on the sidewalk. Inside the office was just as much unkempt as the outside of the building. As instructed by the receptionist, I filled out an application as I waited in their lobby. Upon being called into a conference room, I met a friendly manager who was to interview me.

Prioritize: be objective with priorities. It may sound difficult to do but after going through some recent Project Leadership Development, it is one of the most effective ways to get your work done.

13. If the bullying is taking place on a school bus, try to find an alternative travel method for your child. Either make arrangements to drive your child to and from school or get a trusted neighbor or family member to chauffeur your child to and from school.

Maybe you’re on some kind of medication – not a good idea to continue with the interview unless it is a med that is permanent – such as something for diabetes but NEVER for a cold or other type illness. Ask for a later interview before you get there, and explain why. Your respect quotient will be much higher if you’re honest. Hot flashes ladies? Well, that’s nature, so admit it – BUT – wear layered clothing so you can ease your discomfort but modesty does rule – remember it!

Within the parameters of core business outcomes that are handed to us, we are charged to be catalysts who inspire performance that will get results. To keep your team motivated, it’s necessary to know what matters to them.

When you focus on how people feel about what they are saying, you increase the level of true concern you have for others. You actually start to become the person you thought you were pretending to be: a true leader!

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