Comic book collectors tend to have stacks of longboxes. These white, heave cardboard boxes can hold up to 500 comic books. In all of these boxes, most comics aren’t worth more after they’re sold, but older comics are an exception to that rule.

The final reason that the Juggalo Gathering is gonna be fresh is the Juggalos… Imagine, just thousands and thousands of Juggalos all coming together toget live… You know that besides the stuff at the Gathering there is gonna be some crazyness going on afterwards. When you have 5000-10000 Juggalos, all planning to have the time of their lives, even if the Gathering of the Juggalos didn’t happen, people would find some big parking lot to chill and turn it into their own hype BLANK Gathering.

Another installment comes out on June 3rd, this time it’s about the life of Professor Xavier and Magneto. It’s mostly about when they were younger and friends and also shows how they became enemies. Stars James McAvoy, January Jones, Michael Fassbender, and Kevin Bacon. I myself can’t wait to see this film; I love the X-men minion videos, TV shows, and the movies.

Another thing you can do is visit your local comedy club or improv. While there are not as many comedy clubs at it as there used to be, did manage to that is that only the best comedians are getting good kids. This makes for great cheap night and being able to see one of your favorite comedian in your own town and at the same time supporting local businesses.

LT: How do you find time to do even one comic every day? In my interviews with other web comic artists they can spend anywhere from three hours to several days on one strip? Is it easier for you or do you simply love to do it?

It’s gotten easier in recent years. With so many digital transactions, that makes things a bit easier for collectors of music and movies. Heck, even books are going digital with e-book readers like the Kindle. Still, some prefer having a hard copy, even if they don’t have room for it all.

The speculation began the moment TDK’s credits rolled, and this franchise in particular has many possible directions. Usually, film adaptations, at best, pull from the source material for inspiration, but the Batman movies have become good enough to make us wish the comics would borrow a trick or two from them. Hopefully, the third film can continue to add to the character’s legacy.

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