The first Dancing With the Stars results brought an end to Dancing With the Stars first big week. The Dancing With the Stars results closed out three days of new dances, new controversy, and much more. Ultimately, the first Dancing With the Stars results knocked two early contestants out of the running, and one of them probably wasn’t a surprise. Last night’s Dancing With the Stars results brought an early end to the dancing careers of Macy Gray and Ashley Hamilton.

It’s gotten easier in recent years. With so many digital transactions, that makes things a bit easier for collectors of music and movies. Heck, even books are going digital with e-book readers like the Kindle. Still, some prefer having a hard copy, even if they don’t have room for it all.

Comic books like many things are a great way of entertainment, but also may include some not so great themes and ideas. Romona ponders whether comic books are a good thing or a bad thing due to the amount of violence and other things that are found in comic books of today.

At present I have two film scripts floating around Hollywood. One is the true story behind the making of the 1933 movie, KING KONG, while the other is a my take on an old Universal Horror Classic, DRACULA’S DAUGHTER, only now called THE DAUGHTER OF DRACULA. Note, this latter project is also a 94 graphic novel which should be out sometime next Spring. I’m obviously hoping once the comic hits the stands, it will spark some activity on the screen version.

Find a couple of stories about people traveling around the world, such as Under the Tuscan Sun. A mini atlas can inspire some travel plans. Throw in some phrasebooks in foreign languages, or a pocket translator. Add some small peanut packets and a mini can of soda, to be enjoyed as if one is riding on an airplane.

Tom DeLay may fit that bill, as he moved on to the next week of competition. The former Majority Leader is predictably already getting skewered by manga for appearing on the show, after his controversial time in Washington. For all the snickers DeLay may have gotten, and despite his troubles with a broken foot, he is still on for at least one more week.

And I think that is something that is important for the Juggalosto remember! Of course, we are working to make the Gathering of the Juggalos the BLANK….that is what we do at Psychopathic, we try to make stuff that Juggalos will findentertaining. We are trying to put every entertaining thing that we can think of into the Gathering. We may not have all the resources of Disney, or Sony, or some company like that, but we are 100% commited to making things that are the bomb. We do not know how not to try to make something fresh… its just what we do and who we are. BUT… BUT, that is not the true essence of the Gathering of the Juggalos…

3)Purchase a good book on drawing comic book characters. Believe it or not, there are lots of books on the topic. A good one to start with is the ‘How to Draw Amazing Comic Book Characters Drawing Kit’ by Christopher Hart. Books such as this one will take you step by step through the process of drawing well-known comic book characters as well as creating your own. You can find all sorts of books on how to draw comic book characters at (see Resources below).

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