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ThinkGeek offers a cool new accessory to pimp your desktop. Make your co-workers look like novice computer users by adding a 7-inch touchscreen next to your big screen monitor. You can choose between the Mimo 710 USB LCD monitor and the Mimo 740 USB touchscreen LCD monitor.

That’s not to say that my entire Pocket PC game readership is made of solely of males. Females seem to have a proclivity toward non-thumb injuring games.

What games support and require Pixel Shader 3.0? One of the most famous games that require Pixel Shader 3.0 is Crysis. This game was famous for being tested for the graphics comparability to the next generation consoles. Another game that supports and requires Pixel Shader 3.0 is Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. This is a very fast paced game that requires a lot of processing power. It utilizes Pixel Shader 3.0 in this fast pace environment which makes it another perfect game to test out your computer’s video card. Both Crysis and Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions are on XBOX360. In some situations some people actually prefer the computer’s graphics over the graphics produced by the XBOX360. It is very close if you have a powerful computer so you will have to be the true judge of that decision.

Every so often (think Black Friday) there will be huge sales on computers. These may take awhile to find, or only happen certain times of the year, but these deals can save you hundreds of dollars. That doesn’t just count computers, either. You can get TV’s, furniture, or even clothing cheaper. There are pros and cons for purchasing online as opposed to offline. Sometimes online you can get better deals, but you must still consider the shipping charges. Some places will obliterate the sale with their charges. Offline you can get the computer as soon as you purchase it, but some of the deals may not be quite as low priced. It takes a lot of research, but it can be worth it!

As with most laptops in the under $600 price range, the Aspire 5750 comes standard with a 15.6-inch LCD panel with a native resolution of 1366×768. It uses the TN display technology that is decent but has limited viewing angles and less than stellar color but it doesn’t really stand out as being any better or worse than most of the others displays in this price range. Unlike the Aspire V3 at this price point, Acer uses the Intel HD Graphics 3000 that is built into the Core i5 processor. This is perfectly fine as long as you aren’t intending to use the laptop for any real 3D applications such as Curved Gaming Monitors even at a casual level. What the graphics does provide however is the ability to accelerate media encoding when used with Quick Sync compatible applications.

So with this, parents can more cheaply give their kids a console and walk away without any more fuss. Casual gamers don’t have to open up their cases and fiddle around with all of the colorful wires, risking the accidental static spark that fries the motherboard.

Very positive, I haven’t bought a PC game on disc in ages. I love it that all these services keep my games safe and I can download them whenever and wherever I like.

There are dozens of other errors for Xbox but the “RROD” and e74 error are some of the most common. When one of these happens the recommended course of action from Microsoft is to pack up the console and send them your machine. They will fix it, but this means that you won’t have your console for several weeks and depending on your warranty status they may charge you over $100 to fix it.

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