Only 3% Of Netflix Subscribers Are Watching Content On The Ipad

Many people who are trying to get established in niche blogging struggle with creating content on a daily basis. This was one of the things that frustrated me in the past. Auto Blog Samurai solves the problems that niche bloggers face by creating niche content that you need to post to your WordPress, Blogger or other blogs in specific niches you’re targeting.

What many people will do when they are planning on doing content samurai is utilize Content Samurai 7 Day Free Trial networks (i.e. Google’s content network) or just straight up go right through YouTube and post a video ad in there…same difference. Prices may vary!

This is a powerful marketing strategy. Although, the results aren’t as immediate as other marketing strategies, you can still generate free highly targeted leads over time. Provide valuable content creation for your readers and expect to have a following for years to come.

The paid type of website traffic is really a simple to understand. You pay someone else who has already visitors coming in thousands to place a small ad on his/her website and you will receive a percentage of that traffic to your depending upon how creative you are in writing that ad. This means that even if you have a lot of money to buy advertising space on other websites, this does not ensure that you will always get best quality traffic. How much visitors you get largely depend upon your ad text or the message you have put in front of the crowd.

With article marketing, you write an article about a topic you’re an expert in, add your author information at the bottom of it, and submit it to the article directories. You get free traffic from the search engines if your keywords are properly targeted and the search engines find your articles – and you get traffic from website owners who found your article useful and decides to publish it on their website. If you can write and submit articles everyday, then the chances of you getting a lot of traffic to your website becomes very high using this 1 strategy. Let’s move on to content samurai.

The first thing you need to do is create a prioritized schedule. I used a schedule template I got in MLSP which breaks my day down into 30 min increments. I use it to block content samurai out segments of time for certain tasks. I schedule personal development and personal fitness, as well as work for my employer and work for my own business. I make it as detailed as possible. This is my overall schedule.

Maintaining a popular blog is really, really easy. With all due humility, we publish more than a few well read (and visited) blogs, and I’m going to share some of the super simple, and successful steps ANYONE can implement to emulate our success.

BUT! – Whatever you do, don’t say things like “Let’s Rock!” or “I’m going to crush your head!” and like that. That provokes the fight and you partially lose your benefit of surprise!

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Only 3f Netflix Subscribers Are Watching Content On The Ipad

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