New Year’s Resolutions: I Resolve To Place A Buddhist Alter In My Home

Of the world’s religions, many use prayer beads for prayer and/or meditation. Muslim prayer beads have 99 beads to correspond to the 99 days of Allah. Catholicism uses the rosary in order to keep track of in which order the prayers are said. Hinduism and Buddhism use the Japa Mala, aka the mala to keep track of the repetitions in meditation. There are also nondenominational prayer beads.

When asking for help, it’s important to realize yourself as fully worthy of Angelic assistance. Angels work with everyone regardless of personal histories and beliefs. Angels are infinite and omnipresent – your request does not diminish them in anyway nor does it affect their ability to help the rest of us at the same time. They exist beyond our experience of time and space and respond to everyone with complete unconditional love.

“Healing is so easy”, declares Swedish born Arne Rantzen, “that it is really difficult!” He is an international teacher and founder of the Unlimited Body healing modality. For a moment he cannot continue, because he is laughing too hard at this cosmic joke.

When Lou returns from Brazil, he has a different attitude about life. He realizes that he has lost his connection with the environment and animals that he had as a child in his native born Holland. To change this, he begins to approach work differently; he takes up the study of zen meditation baltimore, and meets a completely different kind of girl. All the while he is trying to find the meanings of his life mission that his spiritual guides referred to.

For the older gentleman looking for a much younger wife, one must be very careful. No matter what country you are looking in, the younger lady willing to marry a much older man may have other than honorable plans on her mind. Money and the need of a better place to live may be what she is after.

Varanasi (also known as Benares) is in India. The city and the Ganges River which runs through it are holy to Hindus. Many pilgrims come not just to visit this city, they come to die here, believing that this allows them to enter heaven.

Put your butt in gear and just do what you know needs to be done. Planning is great, but planning doesn’t get the plan done. The only thing that gets it done is doing it. Just starting has amazing power because, very often, just starting eliminates your feelings of resistance.

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New Year’s Resolutions: I Resolve To Place A Buddhist Alter In My Home

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