Humor With A Purpose: How To Hire A Funny Speaker Who Can Still Deliver A Powerful Message

Google Alerts. These keep me in the know of my key areas of study. Additionally, they enable me to monitor of where my name, articles, blog posts and books show up around the world, especially on the Internet.

For a while now I’ve been speaking on “Memory Magic” and how to retain things you want to remember. Today I spoke to the Arvada, CO Kiwanis Club at the Arvada Center. A great group of about 60 people, which is perfect as I had about 20 minutes to meet and greet before my program began and I wanted to show off a little as usual by calling out everyone individually by first name at the beginning of my program. This always gives a great first impression and gets things underway nicely.

Self-esteem precedes success. This may be one of the most damaging myths and one of the most common. I say “damaging” in the sense that it is simply not effective. Our self-esteem is established as a result of our successes, not as an antecedent. Think about it. Nathaniel Brandon a well known psychotherapist, defined self-esteem as “The disposition to experience oneself as being competent to cope with the basic challenges of life and of being worthy of happiness.” Where does this disposition come from in your followers? It comes from their ability to provide evidence for themselves that they are able and skilled enough to be successful. Success, by the way, is defined by the individual…not by you.

Your immediate environment is the group of people you hang with, the books that you read, the things you watch or listen to. Environment stands waiting at the door as you leave the seminar. It doesn’t argue with you yet, but sits in your car with you as you make phone calls, telling others about the transforming message you heard from an incredible motivational speaking Baltimore Maryland or group of speakers. It doesn’t debate with you about the motivational speakers or the messages they gave. IT DOESN’T EVEN CONSIDER THAT! Your environment embodies you because you’re going right back into it.

Choosing the easy path means stagnation, unused potential, and a quicksilver kind of contentment that may start out tasting like wine, but over time turns to vinegar.

With one foot manning the controls and the other guiding the steering column, Jessica attained a certificate which qualifies her to fly a light-sport aircraft to altitudes of 10,000 feet. With no arms!

To keep moving forward find whatever it is that’s challenging you, and don’t run away from it. Head right at it and embrace your frustration. It will only move you higher toward places you once thought were beyond your reach.

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Humor With A Purpose: How To Hire A Funny Speaker Who Can Still Deliver A Powerful Message

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