How To Motivate Yourself With Funny Motivational Posters

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Make a business plan, a plan for the completion of your degree, or a plan for your life. Write and rewrite your plans until they are highly workable and detailed. Write down your goal, your deadline, the people who will help, obstacles you will have to overcome, the knowledge you will have to acquire, and the things you have to do to reach your goal.

27. Breathing exercises. I do them 10 times a day. In through the nose for 4 seconds, hold for 7, out for 8. Repeat 4 times. See ya, stress. And thanks, Dr. Andrew Weil.

As a speaker and sometimes “motivational speaking Baltimore Maryland” I was accosted this week by a student who made a passing comment regarding the purpose of motivational speaking. She said, “I’ve never bought into the self-esteem movement.” As we talked, she was referencing an experience she had at her workplace where a speaker was brought in for an annual meeting and, in an attempt to pump all of the managers up, focused on the leader’s role in building the self-esteem of their followers. I gather that the premise of the speech was, leaders who build self-esteem create workforces that are empowered to be successful.

It is only in our understanding this, that we can begin to travel along the alternative pathway, but in doing so we must be brave. We must believe in ourselves and we must be absolutely optimistic about the future. If we are not absolutely determined to be so, our bank balance will be a sad reflection of our failure to change. And from now on, we must be so success-oriented that failure is not even a consideration.

This got me to thinking about how many thousands of these things he must have sold and out of those, how many Personal Power II CDs are still sitting on peoples shelves – maybe some are unopened, or others only partially experienced. Maybe others went through the entire program and are ready to do it again. In these economic times, the idea of buying a new program may not be top in one’s agenda… and maybe going to a physical seminar isn’t either.

So be a trailblazer. Do your own thing. Create your own system. Follow your own path. You want to reach a point at the end of your life where you can look back on a life of accomplishment and proudly proclaim, “I did it MY way” as Frank Sinatra said in one of his songs.

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How To Motivate Yourself With Funny Motivational Posters

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