Everyday myself and my colleagues see large numbers of enquiries from translators seeking work. I hope that some of my observations will help you be more successful.

If you’re still having trouble with pronouncing these letters as un-aspirated, you can try this exercise. Go back to the un-aspirated English words and insert a space between the initial “s” and the following consonant. Repeat each word several times.

Here’s another unique aspect of doing business in China. Official titles and the law do not always tell you where real authority and power lies. These are constantly changing variables and a savvy business person in China spends a great deal of her time learning about these dynamic relationships in order to identify the real decision makers and build a relationship with them. It is not always the person of high position who can influence the situation. Sometimes it may be a person of seemingly low position.

Find out what are the most English collocations words. You can search for “English most common words” to find them out. Then, check out if you know how to pronounce them correctly. You can use Forvo or Rhinospike to find out what is the right pronunciation; just make sure that you are listening to a native American speaker.

#1 – Kitchen science is not only fun and yummy, it also teaches math, history, and living skills! Simple activities like baking bread are perfect – the kids get to measure (great way to learn fractions), knead, and bake. They learn about the action of yeast and gluten, and if you have a microscope they can see exactly what is making the bread rise. You can make test loaves with no/more/less yeast, and even bake some quick breads with other leavening agents. While the kids work, talk about the history of bread and its importance in cultures around the world. If you’re really ambitious, look up some recipes for ethnic breads and try baking them – especially if you’re studying those cultures in history class at the moment!

Generally buyers assess a content writer’s skill by checking samples of the writer. A standard content writer would be able to create articles that are interesting, informative, and compelling. It is easy to judge the content writers standard using the writer’s flawless sentence patterns and grammar in the writings. Since a web content writer is supposedly a versatile writer, with time the content writer’s vocabulary would have grown to a considerable level even if the content writer isn’t a Collocations in english grammar.

Learning main principles is simple. You write about everything that you’re interested in, or what you need to write or what you need to translate into English. Find a good teacher, who can check your papers and indicate your mistakes to you. Discuss why there is something wrong, or what is the best way to write what you wanted with your tutor. Continue with you work on your text with your teacher, until we you reach perfection.

You made a contact that may build into a valuable relationship with time. At least it is started. You practiced your English, and you did something courageous. The next time it won’t be nearly so difficult.

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