How many times do we look around our homes throughout the year thinking, “Wow, this place is a mess”? Without a doubt, life tends to get away from us; projects we started end up in an unfinished heap, we gain (or lose!) weight but do not get rid of our old clothes even if we can no longer wear them, kids bring in toys and crafts… Life can be a mess. However, every year, we get to watch the world start over. Flowers come back to life. Animals come back out to play. Mother Nature reinvents herself…so why can’t we?

Some areas of the home will need more attention than others. The kitchen is one of those areas. For example, here you should expect the team to handle cleaning or wiping down appliances. This should also mean counters, chairs and tables as well as cabinets get a wiping down. You may want them to scrub out the sink, handle the backsplash and help to clean up the stove and refrigerator top. You likely need the floor to be cleaned as well. Kitchens are germy, so you’ll want to ensure they do a good job at reducing this risk.

List the room, list the chores, and list the cleaning frequency. Take the time to actually write out the list, without a written blueprint it will be hard to decide what actually needs to be done, plus it will be harder to explain it to others.

FURNITURE POLISH: This is one of the best ways to get that spic and span look that you always see in lifestyle magazines. This effect can be short-lived though as furniture polish has the tendency to attract dust.

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You should consider doing a house viewing of other homes that are on sale in Orleans during their open house days and get a feel of what it is truly like as a home viewer. You will be very amazed at what you come across. You will need to visualize yourself as a potential buyer so that you can go through and feel what it is like when other potential buyers view your home. You will find it easier to pick the brains of a potential buyer when you do your very own home inspection yourself. This way, you can improve your house accordingly.

Having that new equipment in house now also means you can start learning to use it. Train your operators to run the new equipment now, while you have the extra time. Learn how to program the machines and start determining which jobs might run quicker, more reliably, or more accurately. Train your maintenance personnel and set up your maintenance schedules. Start saving now and position yourself to handle those new jobs when you get them.

A responsible per owner attends its pet’s needs and keeps its living area clean to keep their pet healthy. Some people have hard time cleaning the house of their pets, sometimes its because of the material used to build the house or the building design of the house. This article will be about tips on keeping your pet dog’s place clean to keep your pet happy with its house and healthy.

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