Having A Website Is The Best Online Investment Everyone Can Make

Everyday thousands of website owners search Google on how to make money online with their website. In this article I’m going to give you a simple 5 step system to generating income in 30 days.

Seriously. I don’t mean just your filing system, I mean everything. One huge time saver that I implemented was organizing my bookmarks, especially the ones related to publicizing my posts. Firefox comes with a Bookmarks Toolbar, which allows you to put frequently accessed bookmarks right there, with no more digging through miles of bookmarks to find the one you want. On the Bookmarks Toolbar you can also place bookmark folders. My strategy is to put all my marketing bookmarks in one folder called “Marketing”, right there on my toolbar. Once I have posted, I click the folder, and click “Open all in tabs”. Voila! All my publicity sites open up, just like ducks in a row. I go through them sequentially, and I am done, often in as little as 10 or 15 minutes.

It doesn’t matter what the foundation is for your website – Joomla or cms blogg or anything in between – it is important to make it fully usable by anyone who visits. One of the simple tools you can use to make this happen is a simple search field. It was briefly mentioned in Item #3 above, where navigation was discussed. There are different search tools you can use.

This will help build your website momentum and bring you in a few visitors everyday. Giving Google another reason to pay attention to you and bring you in traffic.

The All In One SEO Plugin will allow you to put Descriptions, Keywords and Titles which will show up in the Search Engine in each of your posts. It will also allow you to rename your files to what ever you want instead of defaulting the post URL to your title name. And if you add permalinks you can even make the file extensions.html,.htm or.php.

Now, all you need to do is customize your widget! Choose your size, your ad accent color, and city. If you would like the widget to display whatever deal is most relevant to your visitor, choose “auto-detect.” If you would like the widget to only show deals from a specific city, you can select the relevant city from the dropdown box. Once you’ve made your choices, simply click “Generate Widget.” You’ll get a preview of the widget, as well as the code associated with it. Copy and paste that code onto your site and away you go!

There are many other features they will offer, but these are the most important. Starting with a solid foundation will give you the ability to move towards success much easier. If you don’t start with a good foundation and you choose a free hosting account, instead, you are only setting yourself up for failure.

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Having A Website Is The Best Online Investment Everyone Can Make

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