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Number of tourists in Jeddah has traditionally been used in thousands of lakes and how the town nears the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Named as “Bride of the Red Sea, Jeddah houses fall of Eve and is well connected with other countries. You can board flights to Jeddah from any other country in the world.

Bring along a favorite personal item to place on the bed as a talisman during your stay. Mine is a small stuffed animal given to me by my sister and her family (thanks, Kathy!).

Now if you are someone who goes out on your bike all the time or maybe you take something to work with you and are often left without a source of clean water, then this is definitely something you should look into. When searching for one of these do the usual water container checks, make sure it is BPA free and has some sort of odor protection. Also it would be wise to verify how much the replacement filters are and how easily replaceable they are. It wouldn’t be too much use if you couldn’t replace the filter and end up having to buy another. That sort of defeats the whole purpose of something reusable.

Travelzoo, my cruise ship search engine, reported today that major airlines are battling it out to offer the lowest fares for holiday travel, in hopes of upping the traffic during this holiday season. United, American and others have announced new sales that further reduce fares over the holidays. In some cases, savings are as much as 50 percent!

Following the Equator was Twain’s fifth and final travel book. His 1895-96 journeys – from Paris, across the United States, through the South Pacific and Australia, to Sri Lanka and India, around Africa and to London – resulted in his last travelogue. Not as well-known as the above-mentioned The Innocents Abroad, Following the Equator nevertheless endures for his observations on the world.

If you had an accident away from home, who would you need to get hold of for an insurance claim? Do you have what you need with you to check into a medical facility, or get emergency care?

Finally, you can get even more elaborate if you’re driving and don’t mind packing a bit more weight and bulk. In fact this is probably my favorite tip — bring your own pillows and pillowcases! We did this on a two-week car trip to Maine and Canada last summer and loved it because it made every room look and feel like home, immediately.

Next, you can visit Burano in Italy by taking a 40-minute ferry from Venice. Burano is a welcome change from the medieval set up of Italy. The buildings in this place are brightly colored and vibrant. It is said that the fisherman wished to see their houses when at sea so they colored their houses in bright colors so that they can be noticed from a distance. This place is known for its laces and seafood. It has a lace museum which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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