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Most patients will have a very good idea at 3 to 4 weeks after surgery of the result they are going to have. While face and body cosmetic surgeries heal differently, with swelling and bruising going away at different times for each type of procedure, 80% to 90% of the final result for most cosmetic procedures is seen at a month after surgery. Certainly any major complications, either medical (e.g., infection) or aesthetic (e.g., asymmetry, uneven, etc), will have surfaced by this time. So your level of happiness should be pretty evident by now. What may have not looked right to you at a week after surgery could look quite different by now in a better way.

If you are researching Breast Augmentation Jacksonville FL this is an important way to start the process for a couple of reasons. The first, and perhaps most important, is to research the work of various plastic surgeons. As an invasive surgery, you will definitely want to see the work of your plastic surgeon before you undergo the procedure. Another important reason is pure motivation. By finding before and after photos of other women you can begin to see how different breast implant sizes will look in terms of increasing their breast size.

The photo on the internet simply does not tell you the whole story. What is her exact height? What is her breast width? What is her shoulder width? Was the breast implant placed over or under the muscle?

When it comes time to choosing a plastic surgeon, though, there is much more than education and a precise touch to look for. You need to be comfortable with the person that will be performing the surgery. You should feel that you are able to talk to them openly about your concerns and thoughts on why you want a particular procedure. The person performing the surgery will be bringing your vision to reality.

Due to these issues, many doctors shy away from specific discussion of sizing. Some will offer sizes in very general terms such as “Big”, “Bigger”, and “Biggest”. They will not talk about cup size or breast implant size. They ask the patient instead to give them a description of those three sizes so they have a general idea of what the patient wants. From there, the doctor makes the choice.

The other advantage at being a month out from surgery is that you should be fairly free at this point to do any activity you want. Even in significant body contouring surgeries, the ability to start to get back near normal levels of activities, including light exercise, should now be possible.

Financing plastic surgery may be quite expensive, but with Destination Beauty, this can be a walk in the pack. One of the exciting things is the fact that they will book all the appointments for you – free of charge. .

Being comfortable around your plastic surgeon is so important when it comes to your cosmetic surgery. You will be spending a lot of time with this person, discussing your intentions, emotional and physical health, the procedure and the recovery.

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