On Friday, the South Africa vs. Sri Lanka live stream will be available online for their 1st T20 matchup. United States fans will be able to see the cricket game streaming online early in the morning, thanks to the ESPN broadband sports network, as these two sides resume their play after their ODI series.

Early in the game, you are forced to make a choice. You must choose whether you want to fight on the side of the humans or on the side of the Na’vi. Interestingly, the game then splits into two completely separate gaming experiences depending on what you choose, so it is almost like getting two games for the price of one.

Catch up with schoolwork or projects if you can’t attend class. Don’t get left behind if you have to stay home for a while because you’re sick or you have to rest. You can have your classmates record video of the classes and streaming games this via QiK or Ustream websites. You can even join group discussions or study groups virtually by letting your friends use their phones to video stream discussions.

The seventh on my list, “Ipod Touch 4th gen” set to be released in September. This new device lets you take pictures, change the pictures you took, check your social networking sites, and nearly anything else you would want to do, except games stream or watch DVDs. What makes this gadget so nice however is it’s size this device fits in the palm of your hand and when listening to music can act as a tiny mp3 player, or watch Internet streams while your waiting at the doctors office, and without a bulky laptop. It may not be the best for business but in entertainment for it’s size nothing else competes.

The Tenth and final on my list, the “Self-Weighing Suitcase”. Never get stopped in the baggage check at the airport, or sent to the back of the line again. This suitcase has a lit blue led display which tells you the exact weight of it’s contents. You can be sure that when you arrive at the airport your luggage will be just the right weight to check in.

The Xbox 360 battery charger is used to recharge the battery that powers the Xbox 360 console. The Xbox 360 battery charger includes a 4800 mAh battery. When buying the Xbox 360 battery charger, make sure the battery pack is protected from overcharging risk. The users can recharge the Xbox battery with a USB dock. Some Xbox 360 battery charger has an indicator light to show that the power from the electricity out has passed through the charger.

To play your desired PC games a gamer can also build its PC. Building up a Gaming PC is not difficult as it lets you to select your own components and build your dream PC. When you build a gaming computer you choose all of your own hardware. It will allow you to get a higher performing computer for the same price if not less than the name brand computers.

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