The garden is completed, the landscape of your yard is exactly the way you envisioned it. But there is something else you would like to add. Not sure of what it is? A bench, why not enjoy your hard work from the garden instead of from the porch, deck or patio. Teak benches come in many lovely designs. You will surely find the perfect one for your garden, patio, deck or other seating area. Teak benches match the chairs so you can get a complete matching set instead of having to mix and match as you often times will end up doing with other benches and patio furniture.

Deluxe Teak Bench, this particular model has a medium back with closely constructed fitting posts. Arm rests on both sides, adding a real inviting feel to any seating area. A beautiful addition to any seating area you have or a great piece to start a new seating area with. Then there is the Rose Carved Teak Bench, this is a high back bench with dual armrests but to go the extra mile adding a carved rose for a little romance and class in your seating area.

Swiffer Wet Jet. This thing is AWESOME. It gets up dirt quicker than I used to be able to fill a mop bucket. I use it for spills and for my weekly mopping. Occasionally, I scrub the floors with a scrub brush, but for the most part, I use the Wet Jet. All you have to do is put a clean pad on it, and insert the cleaner bottle and batteries. Press the trigger to release the solution, then mop over it. The solutions have a nice, clean smell and they dissolve dirt fast. The solutions and pads can be a little expensive, depending on how often you mop, but there are often coupons out for them. The ease of using the Wet Jet as well as it’s cleaning power make it worth the extra money.

The Lorenzo Bench is a more contemporary style adding the aluminum hardware to the preexisting beautiful side slats of wood. It is an excellent choice for the more contemporary house. Wanting to bring your own style and extend it to your outdoor area as well, this may be the bench you have been longing for.

Wash your Patio furniture to remove the grime. For wood use a mild detergent and avoid over soaking but you can give other types of furniture a good scrub. For white plastic furniture try a mild bleach solution. Rinse off any suds or bleach and let the furniture dry.

Porches, steps, verandas, balconies, patios and other extensions of the house should be kept uncluttered, swept and in good condition. Keep trashcans deodorized, covered and out of sight.

Needless to say there are more kinds of furniture than we have hours in the day to go over them. We have just scratched the surface in these past three articles which makes you wonder; how come so many furniture stores go out of business?

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