So, you’re looking for video piano lessons. But you don’t want to spend hours combing the net. You’re in luck. I’ve researched this topic and will now tell you where to look and who I think offers some of the best piano lessons around.

Smile! Yes, that’s right in the quiet of your private time put a smile on your face. Force it if you have to. It’s called “fake it till you make it”. No, you’re not telling a lie or deceiving anyone. You are changing your physiology in a quick and simple manner. Research has shown that when you hold your head up and smile it has a positive impact on your nervous system.

But what if you’re not into classical. Easy. Type in the words jazz piano lessons and a whole plethora of videos comes up. Some of my favorites in this genre are from a man named Willie Myette. Willie has many free video piano lessons at YouTube. And they are very good!

And when your feet get tired because New Orleans is a walking city, rest awhile at Cafe Du Monde where you can sip chicory coffee and dine on beignets as you watch a melting pot of characters pass by.

Elisabetta Preziosa, floor: 1.5 to front layout second pass. Double tuck with a step. Loving the 15 seconds of real dance she does at the end of this routine, as the azsh music spotify youtube changes. Message: It’s not all about the tumbling, peeps.

As Christine and Raoul start to fall even more in love, the Phantom; Erik watches and hears all that is happening, finally he decides to meet with Christine face to face. When he shows his face in her dressing room for the first time, he wears the mask that has made this play famous. He then abducts Christine, and takes her through winding tunnels down to his home in the secret catacombs of the opera house.

Beyond being economical, eco-friendly, and an excuse to clean out your closet, a swap party with friends is far more fun than a yard sale with strangers.

Michael Jackson’s This is It: Released in 2009, its 111 minutes is a rare glimpse on the final days of Michael Jackson. The documentary is a good keeper for any Michael Jackson fan.

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