Charitable Donations – How To Keep Giving When Money Is Tight

Imagine for a moment that you are playing an important game of tennis. It’s the club final and you are the favorite. There is a big crowd and as the game progresses, everything seems to be going to plan. You’re playing well and you’re winning points. Victory can’t be far away. There is only one problem: there is no scoreboard and the umpire is keeping score to herself. No one except her knows what’s really going on.

After conversing with the firms regarding the truck driving job, this will usually be the employer, get back to the truck stop and see if you can spot people for that company. (Of course, the smaller the organization, the tougher this is to complete). Ask the people the same questions you asked the company to see how closely his solutions match the employers.

Feeling Like You Don’t Have Time – You are an entrepreneur. It is your responsibility to take good care of the money that you have been entrusted with. When you have your own business you can no longer just do the work that you love. You have to take care of all the other aspects of running a business and one of those is bookkeeping. I know that when I say I don’t have time, this is a copout. The truth is that I haven’t decided to make the time or figure out how to get the help needed to get it done. I invite you to move your bookkeeping up to a high priority and enjoy the peace that doing this will give you. I know it’s not sexy but doing your bookkeeping is a power move.

Something every writer needs is a decent vocabulary. Instead of reading the dictionary, make your own. Any word you come across that you don’t know, write it down and define it. I have a small journal that I have transformed into my own personal dictionary. All the words that I don’t know, I write in my journal, look them up, then occasionally I will read through it. Its amazing to see how, without much effort or studying, most of those words in my dictionary have become a part of my everyday vocabulary.

If your professional life provides a service for a fee, consider giving a free service to those near and dear to your heart. If you’re a beautician, give haircuts for Christmas; an accountant can give a no cost tax return; a carpenter can give five hours of home repairs to Uncle Joe who can no longer repair the deck himself.

Believe it or not, oil and natural gas isn’t worth what we have to pay for it. Believe it or not, every multinational corporation isn’t paying its fair share of taxes to any Country or Society on Earth. That, you can believe.

Hopefully this is enough to get you moving in the write direction. Just keep in mind that you should never let a day go by without a pencil going to the page or fingers striking the keyboard. Start small if you need to, and remember that great writing won’t happen over night, and also that writers aren’t born, they practice.

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Charitable Donations – How To Keep Giving When Money Is Tight

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