The handsets from RIM (Research In Motion) have been lagging behind many of the most popular phones from Apple and whole host of Android powered phones. Despite being behind, the Blackberry phones have always had a decent following. The newest model in a long line of handsets is the Bold Torch 9900.

Business: You can not only do market research on Twitter, you can keep yourself on the top of your industry by following the right people, and push your business on it. Just make sure you don’t spam others.

A.Think like a poker player – When times get tough I always think like a poker player and look at the cards I have to play. For instance if I need to raise cash quickly what assets do I have that I can sell? What bills do I have to pay this month that can wait to be paid until next month? Where can I get a short term loan that will cover me for the next 30 days? If you ask yourself these simple questions you will get quick answers that will enable you to solve hard problems.

This actually is a two fold step. You need to interact with those who you have found to determine if they have learned to utilize the social media services properly and also have been successful in doing so.

There are as many ways to create these streams as the day is long. You could make your own e-book, or you could do some affiliate marketing. Joint ventures are another great way to create an extra stream. Most people seem to only put emphasis on one thing. This is also often told to them by their upline, not to mess with anything else because “you have everything you need here”. And it can be said that this is a truism and maybe they are successful, but what if something happens? What if something goes completely wrong? There are hard times at every corner, or maybe your target market just decided to do something else. That’s why when you work from home with multiple streams of income you can insure your own financial security.

Be transparent. Your honesty-or dishonesty-will be quickly noticed in the social media environment. If you are conversing about your projects and services, use your real name, identify who you are and be clear about your role. If you have a vested interest in something you are discussing, then be the first to point it out.

Even though search engine optimization is the gateway to success in online business, the going isn’t going to be easy. The coming years will see challenging times for any SEO outsourcing company as well as for a social media services company.

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