A Brief Introduction To Islam

There have been too many times that Mercury’s retrograde has gotten a bad rap. This Mercury’s retrograde is going to be a testimonial to what I’ve been saying all along, “Mercury’s retrograde is not bad.” Its just a time to revisit the past. Mercury will be doing his whole retrograde in Leo, and yes, Leos love drama. But, who doesn’t? Grab some popcorn and a good seat, and enjoy the entertainment.

When you have diabetes, one of the best ways to control your blood sugar is to eat carefully planned meals at carefully planned times. If you eat too much at one meal or skip eating, it can send your blood sugar levels out of control and cause you many problems. Fasting is not good for the diabetic because it means going for long periods of time without any food in your stomach. Even taking medication won’t help you to completely combat the havoc this plays with your blood sugar.

Abu Dhabi is a place where you can witness luxury at its best at the Yas Viceroy & the Yas Marina Circuit. The Emirates Palace, Capital Gate, UAE Pavilion is an iconic landmark of this city. Make sure you visit the Al Ain National museum to get the real taste of Islamic culture in Abu Dhabi, UAE. And when the city’s glamour makes you restless, find peace at the Al Maqtaa Fort amidst serene waters. A visit to Abu Dhabi is incomplete without taking a trip to its plethora of islands. Visit the islands to see the best of both worlds; technology and modern living and untouched flora and fauna. Flights to Abu Dhabi can give you a glimpse of what’s in store for you.

Mental Concerns Fasting could severely impair your mental faculties. It can cause fatigue, even hallucinations. Its no secret that ascetics and monks would often see visions, revelations, etc. while out in the desert on fast. While some will chalk this up to contact with the spiritual realm, it is also a fact that going without nourishment for days at a time can have many of the same psychological effects as drug use.

Here Thiru Vasagam and Thiruppalliyezhchchi are so composed as though sung by lasses observing Margazhi penance. Walking up early, fresh morning during the Month of Margazhi to worship the Lord, will definitely invoke the blessings of Lord Shiva. Interestingly Thiru Annamalai is one of the five shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva representing Fire. Now a days people throng in more and more numbers in this shrine and make circum ambulation of the Holy Mountain Thiru Annamalai. ( Arunachala) In the list of devotees Europeans and white people also included. The classic “Thiruvembavai” assumes the form of Dialogue between a group of Lasses and one of their friends, who are all Shiva Devotees observing Penance, during the when is eid ul fitr of Margazhi.

Because the sighting of the moon differs from place to place, Muslims around the world begin ramadan at different times. However we all wait this beautiful time and prepare ourselves for it.

Get into shape. Laziness is hard to resist when you have to go 12+ hours without a meal, however, take this time to tone up your body. Don’t over do it. If you currently do not have a workout plan, Ramadan maybe the perfect time to design and start one. After you make iftar, you may want to use your new burst of energy to go running, get on a treadmill, or do a few sit ups. Set aside a time to exercise and stay focused, this is a great goal for the month.

OK. I’m running out of room again. Therefore, let me hold off on discussing the economic benefits that allowing Sunday alcohol sales would generate, and let me remind you to make your voice heard (yes, even you thumpers out there). Contact your Senators. Call David Shafer. Tell Sonny Perdue that you’re gonna pray for the passage of this bill.

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A Brief Introduction To Islam

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