Especially with the declining economy, most if not all Internet Marketers and Network Marketers are interested in ways to create free website traffic and free leads for their businesses. Free Classified Ads on prominent websites, such as Craigslist, Backpage, Kijiji now known as eBay Classifieds, and many other free online classified ad sites, are searchable on Google at the click of your mouse.

So when you’re placing your ads, don’t think that your ad placement is not working and that there’s no traffic on the particular Free Classified sites like craigslist. You may not get views to your exact ad on the particular classified ad sites.

If done correctly with keyword research for search engine optimazation purposes, your free Classified Ads can be found on the search engines in order to give you traffic to your website or even sales for your business. I like to call this Online Real Estate.

A lot of people use local classified ads site ads websites or forums to post many different free ads, depending on their specific business requirements. Whatever you want to sell – products, houses, cars, pets, real estate or even jobs -, posting free ads is a very good helping hand for you. These sites make easier the meeting between sellers and buyers across the world. Sites with free ads are visited daily by people interested in buying or selling.

Finding a trustworthy partner shouldn’t be hard to do. However, you will have a lot of competition on the web. Odds are that there are a lot of affiliates attempting to do the same thing you are, so you will need to really use some good tactics to acquire new customers.

The key here is the headline of your classified ad. If you write something like, “Low price, high quality, excellent service”, a prospect is not going click on your classified ad. Your headline needs a benefit. In my logo design example, I would write, “Need A Logo To Add credibility and professionalism To Your Business?”. You see how I’ve included what a customer will get? So don’t write something like, “Affordable and Professional Logo Design”. There is no benefit in a headline like that. Just remember, “what’s in it for the customer”.

Squeeze Website. Another way is to set up a squeeze page or even a review site to promote a product. It will rank high if you are knowledgeable in SEO. You could do a review of that product in your website.

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